Write for Us

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In our efforts to expand our reach and influence to people who are facing a serious disease such as cancer, we at Five to Thrive Plan are opening our doors for our followers who would like to contribute their stories, photos, videos, and other types of informative content to our site.

We believe that effective communication is never a one-way street, and so we welcome contributions from our community. If you are passionate about the things we are pushing on this website, then you can support our initiative in two ways. You can either join us as one of our regular staff writers or contribute to us whenever your schedule allows it.

Join us as a staff writer or editor

We are looking for medical professionals and health care providers with a passion for health and writing to provide content for our upcoming magazine and scripts for our radio broadcasts. We are also in need of editors who will do quality checks of our books for future publications. Do you think you have what it takes to be one of our writers and editors? Please contact us for more details.

Share your story with us

If you are a full-time worker who just want to write on the side, feel free to submit your stories to us. We prioritize stories about cancer, herbal supplements, and fitness. Please note, however, that we do not provide compensation for writing. Instead, we help you promote your blog or website through your contributions to this site.