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Thrive Vs Clickfunnel: Which Is Better For Sales Funnel?

As a business person passionate about making sales, understanding your consumer’s behavior and your sales funnel is crucial. It will help you make rational decisions that can drastically increase the number of sales you make.

This article will focus on thrive vs. clickfunnel comparison. You will see how these two software can help you create and maintain a sales funnel, leading to massive sales.

What is a Sales Funnel and its Usefulness?

Sales Funnel - Thrive Vs Clickfunnel: Which Is Better For Sales Funnel?

Sales funnel is a business tool that helps to illustrate how a lead is converted to a consumer. It shows the path a consumer takes from awareness to purchase products. A sales funnel comprises several marketing channels that aim at converting a lead or potential buyer to a consumer.

As a marketer, the correct usage of the sales funnel can help you earn a commission and win a dream car. A sales funnel consists of four stages – awareness stage, interest stage, decision stage, and action stage.

As a business owner, you must understand that your client or potential customers have other options. Therefore, you must strive to make them choose your product or service over other alternatives. With an optimized sales funnel, you can easily convert lead through advertisement to a consumer or a potential client.

Some of the advantages of the sales funnel are that it helps you to understand the needs of a consumer and provide an adequate solution. It allows you to predict the moves and decisions of your potential clients and focus your attention on it.

A sales funnel helps the customer to navigate easily through your product and service offers and decide whether to buy or not. It is also a tool that helps you keep customers in check for a futuristic purchase.

What is Thrive Theme and its Features?

Thrive Theme makes use of WordPress plugins and some other tools to build a sales funnel. It can also be used to create a landing page or website for your advertising link. Thrive sales funnel has plugins like testimonials, comments, timers, and quizzes.

Thrive Theme is majorly a WordPress marketing tool. It has features and tools to help build landing pages, opt-in forms, and some other sales funnel features. However, the sales funnel created with the Thrive theme can only be integrated within WordPress websites and blogs. The following are tools and WordPress plugins available on Thrive;

  • Thrive Theme
  • Thrive leads
  • Thrive architects
  • Landing page
  • Clever widget
  • Headline Optimizer
  • Thrive ultimatum
  • Thrive ovation
  • Thrive quiz builder
  • Thrive comment
  • Thrive optimize

Price, Pros, and Cons of Thrive Theme

Thrive Theme is usually suitable for website owners and bloggers. The individual price plan is $19 per month paid annually or $30 per month paid quarterly. The individual plan allows you to use the Thrive Theme on twenty to twenty-five (20-25) websites of yours.

Another price plan available on the Thrive Theme is the Agency plan. Digital marketer agents mostly use it.  The price is $49 per month paid annually or $69 per month paid quarterly.

Thrive Theme offers a discount of twenty-four percent (24%) when you make an annual payment to encourage you. However, a free trial is not available on the Thrive theme.


  • Enable you to make quizzes to get responses
  • Best WordPress suit and plugins
  • Affordable prices
  • Numerous templates  selection


  • Available for WordPress sites and blogs
  • Not beginner-friendly and can be quite tricky for a novice
  • Confusing users interface
  • Only forum support and no chat support

What is Clickfunnel and its Features?

Clickfunnel is a sales funnel builder that offers you pre-built sales funnels that can be easily edited. It makes use of a series of webpages to convert your lead to prospective clients. Clickfunnel offers you a simple approach to create a landing page, opt-in forms, check-out pages, and even email autoresponder.

Clickfunnel is a sales funnel builder that provides every needed template to create a well-optimized sales funnel. It also enables upselling tools and allows you to create and share your sales funnel for the sake of affiliate marketing. The following are the significant features of Clickfunnel;

  • Clickfunnel Funnel builder
  • Backpack (affiliate marketing)
  • Actionetics
  • Sales funnel template
  • Page hosting
  • Email autoresponder
  • Tracking software
  • Split testing

Prices, Pros, and Cons of Click Funnel

Clickfunnel offers two price plans. The basic plan, which also serves as the entry plan, costs $97 per month. It allows you to access all you need to start building your sales funnel. After this, you can upgrade to the platinum plan.

The Clickfunnel platinum plan costs $297 per month. It gives you access to unlimited pages, features, and options available on Clickfunnel.  Clickfunnel also offers a discount price of $997 per annum with free usage of a platinum plan for six months. Interestingly, a free trial is available on Clickfunnel.


  • Two weeks of a free trial
  • All-encompassing sales funnel creation
  • Over five pre-built sales funnel available
  • Offers best Return On Investment for the prices
  • Product and service can quickly be sold through clickfunnel


  • Overwhelming for new users
  • The interface can be confusing
  • Slow customers support
  • Inability to track non-CF web pages


You can use one of these two tools to optimize your sales funnel as a business owner or marketer. With this Thrive vs. clickfunnel review, you should be able to make rational decisions.

However, it would help if you kept in mind that the Thrive theme is a marketing tool used for only WordPress websites and blogs. Its usage is limited to some extent, and it lacks the features of a well-optimized sales funnel.

Clickfunnel is built basically for sales funnel optimization. It is made up of features and tools that can be used to create any sales funnel. If you want an easy to build sales funnel for any website and a sales funnel builder that gives free hosting for your domain, Clickfunnel will be the best for you.