post5 - Achieving Stress Relief with L-theanine: How This Amino Acid Promotes Relaxation

Achieving Stress Relief with L-theanine: How This Amino Acid Promotes Relaxation

L-theanine is a powerful amino acid believed to be so safe and powerfulthat it’s being used as an ingredient in a variety of health and wellness products. Available in capsules or mixed with other active ingredients, it’s also added to healthy drinksthat aid consumers in relieving stress and boosting concentration.

Why is L-theanine widely known and used—and how does it help relieve stress and calm down the nerves? Here are the essential facts you need to know.

What is L-theanine?

An amino acid naturally and richly present in tea leaves, L-theanine stimulates alpha waves in the brain that are linked to a focused andcalmed yet alert state of mind. Plenty of studies have proven that as soon as it is taken, many people feel very muchrelaxed and have more concentration within the next half an hour or so.

What can it do?

L-theanine has a lot of uses.To relax your mind and help you sleep better, you can mix it with sleep-enhancing substances such as magnesium or melatonin. If you aim to create clean energy without depleting yourself of it later, you can mix it with green tea or any caffeinated drink.

However, its most powerful function is stress relief. Doctors prescribe medications or supplements with L-theanine to patients who are suffering from anxiety attacks because. It is widely believed that this amino acid can calm the body without losing clear thinking.

How does it work?

Once it is consumed, it works in as fast as 30 minutes to 1 hour like prescription chill pills do, without the side effects.L-theanine supplements can keep you calm for several hours.

Medical experts recommend a dosage of 50–200mg for maximum yet safe therapeutic benefits. A cup of black tea contains 20mg of L-theanine, and green tea has even less—so that that into consideration for your L-theanine intake.

Is L-theanine effective?

Justas with any supplement, L-theanine must be consumed with care and caution. Do not take it with other sedatives to be on the safe side.Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, or patients on cholesterol medication need to check with theirphysician before taking any supplements that contain this amino acid.

All in all, medical specialists say that taking L-theanine can lower one’s stress levels, and such benefitgoes beyond only the emotional and mental aspects.

Stress is bad for the body, and it’s easy for people hustling through their daily responsibilities to forget about that fact.However, if you take early action like consuming L-theanine, it’s really going to enhance your overall quality of life.

Aside from this amino acid, there are many other supplements that can help people achieve a better, relaxed, and more focused state of mind. Ask your doctor about the mental health-boosting supplements he or she would advise you to take. There are also wearable gadgets that you can use not just for stress management but also for tracking your fitness activities and health progress.

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