thrive themes review 1 - Thrive Themes Review 2018 - Is It Worth It? An In-depth look...

Thrive Themes Review 2018 – Is It Worth It? An In-depth look…

Thrive Themes started in 2013 by marketing expert and tech fanatic, Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy respectively. Thrive has conversion-focused plugins and themes that aim to offer a complete toolbox that allows you to build a site and convert visitors into customers and subscribers.

Despite being a relatively newcomer in WordPress, Thrive Themes have made a buzz among product owners and affiliate marketers who are keen to increase conversions. Now, Thrive has fast growing themes for bloggers and marketers.

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thrive themes review - Thrive Themes Review 2018 - Is It Worth It? An In-depth look...

The Themes

Thrive has 10 themes in the marketplace for now:

  1. FocusBlog for bloggers
  2. Ignition for marketing
  3. Luxe for stripping site distractions
  4. Minus for minimalistic theme
  5. Performag for money sites with display adverts
  6. Pressive for sales
  7. Rise for content
  8. Squared for flat design
  9. Storied for grid
  10. Voice for personal branding

There should be a Thrive theme that best suits your need regardless of what type of site you are running. FocusBlog and Rise are recommended for blogs and content heavy websites. Pressive is good for product sites. The Voice theme is best for personal sites as it adds personal branding to sites and highlights your personality.

All themes are updated monthly, twice at least. They have added features and are more advanced.


Child themes

There is no mentioning about child themes support with Thrive. If you are techy enough, you can apply major changes to your theme and create child themes. If you are doing minor changes only, you can utilize the “custom CSS” option. Any change big or small will not be lost after theme updates.


thrive themes review - Thrive Themes Review 2018 - Is It Worth It? An In-depth look...thrive theme features - Thrive Themes Review 2018 - Is It Worth It? An In-depth look...

Features and plugins

As mentioned in this Thrive Themes review, there are rich with features that make you rethink if you still need the other plugins on your site. It is easy or simple to use and you can find all the theme options in one page. There are unlimited lifetime updates for all plans while Thrive Themes pricing starts at $49. When it comes to support, there is a ticket system and email that respond fast.

Thrive Themes are set for clarity, speed and readability. They are focused on conversion elements instead of aesthetics and have standard features for all the themes:

  • Built-in plugins for social sharing buttons, font manager, related posts and optimized image galleries.
  • Easy Page Generator for legal pages, sample sales pages, opt-in pages and more.
  • Focus Areas that offer what are most relevant to visitors to get more clicks and sales.
  • Landing Page Template which is a page that removes links for header navigation, footer widgets, sidebars and other stuff that are distractions to visitors.


thrive plugins - Thrive Themes Review 2018 - Is It Worth It? An In-depth look...

And here are the plugins:

  • Architect for making add buttons, advanced content elements, drag-and-drop layouts and more with visual editor.
  • Clever Widgets for showing various content in widget areas per targeting rules, tags, categories and posts.
  • Headline Optimizer for testing headlines and showing the highest performers.
  • Leads for designing and creating opt-in form, do A/B tests and a lot more to test your mailing list.
  • Ovation for displaying testimonials on sales and landing pages.
  • Quiz Builder for running quizzes to end up with social traffic and increased email list.
  • Ultimatum for running campaigns, add timers and more.


Thrive Content Builder

The Thrive Content Builder plugin opens possibilities to design websites in every imaginable aspect. It is so fast, easy to use and unlocks additional elements of Thrive. Borderless content, posts list, opt-in and page section are some of the user favorites. For adding background color to texts, the Page Section element is impressively doing its job.



Not any of us want to see a site that loads very slowly. The Thrive Themes are promoted as conversion friendly, hence are expected to load fast. One of the best things about Thrive Themes is despite loads of features and elements, it is still surprisingly fast, even with a shared server. Users experienced speedy performance sans the plugins needed when using other themes. Hence, those who switched to Thrive Themes found they no longer need most of the plugins, such as SumoMe, Click to Tweet and Perfect Pullquotes. Thrive Themes already has all these built in.

Thrive Themes have built in automatic image compression feature which enables uploaded images to be compressed, improving the site’s speed. There is no need to use plugins for this purpose like because Thrive Themes silently handle the compression in the background. Furthermore, there is also the “Lazy load comments,” an option that further speeds up your site as it loads comments on demand.

Everyone of us would expect value for money with every purchase we make. Many bloggers were already certain they will get value for money but are skeptical if it delivers speed. Yet, Thrive has proven to load super fast unexpectedly.



Thrive Themes allows editing of theme options in one page without the need to refresh the page. From the General settings, there are the following options:

  • Insert footer text or copyright without the need to code
  • Set logo position
  • Upload logo without the need of a CSS code


However, you can always add custom CSS code to make visual changes to your website whenever you like.

Options like full width, grid layout and more are found in the Layout options, plus six color schemes to choose from. The Blog settings page has options to display images, author box, link text, Read More button, customized meta information and more. The Analytics section allows adding any code to header and footer files without editing the core. This also helps getting rid of plugins for integrating Google Analytics to your site.

The Performance settings have options to lazy load comments as well as automatically compress and resize images as you upload. Lazy load comments make it possible for pages with lots of comments to quickly lod, which is really handy if you have a comment section that is active. The Comments section allows setting of the theme to emphasize the date, comments of the author and to enable or disable the comment count. You can likewise enable showing of Facebook comments sans the use of a separate plugin. Furthermore, you can grant your site users to moderate comments even without the use of any plugin.

The Social Media section displays social buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest, as well as the share count or CTA text. There is also an option to customize the functionality of related posts and the 404 page.


theme example image mobile - Thrive Themes Review 2018 - Is It Worth It? An In-depth look...

How it performs on mobile

This mobile age has people loving to read articles on their mobile devices and share them to their friends in social media. That is why Google pushed webmasters to make mobile-friendly sites and those who already have mobile-friendly sites got higher conversions. All Thrive themes were responsive with the elements scaling up to match the size of the mobile device. For instance, many columns in a content adjust when loaded on a narrow screen.


thrive themes membership discount 2018 - Thrive Themes Review 2018 - Is It Worth It? An In-depth look...

Thrive Themes pricing discount?


You do not need to pay for a yearly membership for Thrive Themes. For every purchase, you get a year of free support and a lifetime of updates. For license, there is for single site or multi-sites. But if you want to use Thrive on your client websites, the Thrive Membership Plan is the way to go because with a monthly fee, you can access all Thrive products.


Thrive Themes Support

When it comes to support, the Thrive Themes have a very responsive one. Its support team is friendly and highly knowledgeable people who respond to queries in support tickets within five hours or less. You can likewise email your queries to them for a quick reply.


For reference, you can watch video tutorials and read knowledge base for solutions to common problems. The Thrive Themes support team has training videos released monthly on designing landing pages and surging up conversions.



  • Access to current plugins, themes and future products
  • Advanced tutorials and webinars
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Menu is easy to navigate
  • Price is locked upon joining, an advantage with addition of more products
  • Support even after the warranty period
  • Support service is excellent



  • Support forum software is not forcing users to have their requests categorize correctly
  • There non-member exclusive links in the Member Dashboard
  • With a small budget, it can be expensive



The membership scheme of Thrive Themes is a great value for money where you can save hundreds of bucks compared to buying individual products. The level of documentation and support is of high quality. The price is not the only one that is attractive but also an easy-to-navigate membership dashboard that gives access to all pertinent information, tutorials and licenses. The product suite has no weak links while the plugins and themes are of highest standard with continuous updates.


Thrive is a giant in the making. It is among the most popular theme providers of WordPress which is fast in carrying out monthly updates that enhance the features. Hence, it is the fastest-growing theme provider, resulting to any Thrive Themes review that is mostly positive.

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