thrive themes pricing 820x415 - Thrive Themes Pricing - How Much Does It Cost [2019 Update]

Thrive Themes Pricing – How Much Does It Cost [2019 Update]

Thrive Themes Price – How Much It Costs

Thrive Themes has been my go to WordPress theme for some time now. A major part of this has to do with the cost. You can read my full Thrive Themes review here.

I’ve been using Thrive, the complete package for about 24 months.

In my opinion, it is worth every single penny, bar none.

So how much does Thrive Themes cost? Thrive Themes membership costs$19/month for up to 25 sites, which is good enough for most people. It costs $49/month for an agency membership which gives you Thrive Themes membership for up to 50 sites. Individual Thrive Themes costs $49 for a single site and $67 for unlimited sites.

You get an incredible builder that allows me to rapidly develop pages and sites on the whole. Moreover, the Thrive Leads plugin is among the best I have seen. The integration of built in analytics for your optins and A/B testing makes it the winner.

Beyond that, these plugins have updated as much as or more than any plugins on the current market, constantly being upgraded.

Thrive Themes Beyond Costs

Another fantastic thing about Thrive Themes is how intent they’re on providing trainings and video tutorials. Shane and Hanna do an awesome job of walking you through whole page assembles, funnel setups and much more. They also recently added a”University” chock full of teaching.

Concerning support, I haven’t really needed any but I am quite inclined to believe you could NOT find better support from plugin/theme authors. I base this on how they do everything else, it truly seems this company realizes their success lies in the accomplishment of their customers.

Individual Thrive Themes Prices

I like Thrive Membership and Thrive Leads on most of my websites, but you CAN just buy just the theme, if that is all you want.

If you get the membership, you get all the thrive themes as well (more on that below).

But if you want just one or two themes, you can buy them all individually

  • ​Rise Theme
  • Storied Theme
  • Pressive Theme
  • Performag Theme
  • Voice Theme
  • Squared Theme
  • Minus Theme
  • Ignition Theme
  • Luxe Theme
  • Focus Theme

Prices for the themes are as follows:​

  • Single Site – $49
  • Unlimited Sites (your sites) – $67
  • Client websites – see membership below

These prices include: 

  • 1 year support
  • Unlimited updates

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Can you get results with Thrive Themes and the Thrive package of tools? Can you increase conversion rates, build your list, and get sales?

The answer is YES. And that’s what it is really all about. In that circumstance, I believe Thrive Themes is worth every penny and then some.

It is all about perspective and your goals.

Do you only want to create a site, get some subscribers, and write about your passion and do not really care about creating your listing and monetizing your content? In that case you don’t need Thrive Themes. Thrive is as package of conversion centric tools built right into WordPress designed to help you grow your list and get sales.

If on the other hand you want the power to grow your list and monetize your content and you are planning on building on top of WordPress, then I believe hands down that the Thrive Membership (includes access to all of their themes, plugins, tools and learning resources) is the absolute best option on the market.

The Little-Known Secrets to Thrive Themes Pricing

What about discounts? Are these the best prices you can get when it comes to Thrive Themes? Check out my Thrive Themes Discount article where we go in-depth on how to get Thrive Themes for the best price.

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