Thrive Themes Landing Pages Tutorial

How To Create The Ultimate Landing Pages For Your Online Website By Using Thrive Themes

To build an awesome, fully functional, conversion focused, landing page for your online business can be a huge task when you are new to creating websites.  There are too many tools and plugins out there that promote itself as being the best for creating this or converting that.

Thrive Themes Landing Pages will help you to set up your website in the correct way right from the start; starting with the instalment of a fresh page to a fully functional landing page and website.

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Step By Step Tutorial To Build Your Website From The Start And Keeping It Relevant

Step 1: 

Your website foundation is very important and setting it up the right way from the start can save you a lot of trouble and money in the future.  Thrive Themes will enable you to follow step-by-step instructions to help you build your website.

Step 1 will cover:

The best, basic settings; which will work best for your website and what you need it to do.

Essential plugins; all the plugins you need and nothing extra just for in-case you might need it.

Deciding on a theme; and installing that theme.

Adding colours and branding; throughout your website to keep customers reminded what they are buying.

Create blog content; and keep the content organized.

Add a homepage.

Lead Generation; showing you how to set up an easy to use lead generation.

Step 2: 

To know your way around your website and how to use all of the available elements is just as important as setting up the foundation of an efficiently working website.

Step 2 will cover:

The formatting of text; this will also include how to edit existing text and adding new content.

Adding boxes.

The formatting of background; as well as setting the widths for added content.

Editing Content on your mobile and on a tablet.

Adding eye-catching features; learn how to add actions and animations to your content.

How to use the editor correctly; showing and learning how to use the editor for best results.

Step 3: 

Building your own homepage for your blog site can be a big adventure; you can either create it from scratch or use a template (provided by Thrive Themes) that will suit your needs.  You will find many different designs and templates for homepages.

Step 3 will cover:

How to build your own homepage with the help of videos, tutorials and different homepage designs.  The information will cover conversion principles that all great homepages should feature.

If you prefer to use a template or a demo of a homepage you like, you can also get that exact layout to use for your own page.  All Thrive Themes Landing Page templates can be customized to suit your design.

Whichever way you prefer or whatever your specific design for a landing page needs, you will find it easy to create with Thrive Themes.

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