Learn and be inspired with books that serve as great resources for everyone battling and surviving cancer, including their families and loves ones.

“The Complete Guide to Living Life After Surviving Cancer”

The Five to Thrive Plan outlined in the book provides practical, sustainable suggestions, as well as specific advice on how readers can influence the five key pathways that have the most profound influence on our health and cancer risk: immune, inflammation, hormones, insulin sensitivity, and digestion/detoxification. This plan explains how five core strategies — spirit, movement, diet, dietary supplementation, and rejuvenation — positively influence all five pathways.

Who should read this book? Anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, anyone who is concerned about their own risk of cancer and would like to find ways to reduce that risk, and anyone who desires revitalized health and long term wellness.

“Picture Your Life After Cancer”

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A compelling, inspiring, and award-winning book containing stories compiled by The New York Times, “Picture Your Life After Cancer” is a collection of accounts of people who survived the Big C. They narrate how the serious disease had transformed their lives, particularly the joys, pains, confusion, successes, and failures they had gone through since the diagnosisuntil the end of treatment.

“When Breathe Becomes Air”

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Diagnosed with lung cancer when he was in his mid-30s, Paul Kalanithi was a potential neurosurgeonwho shares his decision to become a medical professional, his diagnosis and cancer treatment, and his journey.

“The Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine”

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Authored by medical experts, this book offers updated information on managing the consequences of cancer through mind and body strategies such as supplements, meditation, vitamins, and exercise.