Picture of electronic vs mechanical paintball guns

Mechanical VS Electronic Paintball Guns: Detailed Review

What Are Paintball Guns?

Paintball guns are equipment used in paintball sports to propel paintballs through a barrel to swiftly take down a target. They make use of compressed air or carbon dioxide (CO2) to shoot paintballs at high speed. Although, the effective rate of gunshots depends on the user and how fast the gun can recycle.

While some can shoot 5-6 paintballs per second due to their hard triggers, others can fire up to 30 or more due to circuit boards implanted in them. The compressed air enables the user to fire consistently by cooling your gun.

Mechanical Paintballs: What You Should Know

Mechanical paintball guns are simply operated through manual means and do not need any form of the electronic board to fire.

There are five main methods of operating mechanical paintballs:

1. Double Action:

This method allows the gun to fire and cycle the firing process, the same way a double-action revolver works. The brass eagle and Line SI advantage are examples of double action.

2. Blow Forward Semi-Auto:

The gases stored in the valve of the gun are used to cycle the bolt and fire the balls. For the next shot, the spring will have to reset the machine for another shot. Tippmann X-7 Phenom and the Tiberius Arms T8 are familiar types.

3. Pump or Bolt Action:

To operate this gun, the user must manually reset after each shot. This is the oldest kind of paintball gun used in the sport. The Sheridan K2 and Nelson Nelspot 007 are notable examples.

4. Pneumatically Operated Semi-Auto:

This is a low-pressure piston manually controlled by a 4way valve which is connected to the trigger and resets the firing mechanism in between shots. Typhoon and WGP Autococker are examples.

5. Throwback Semi-Auto:

The mechanism process of this gun is done through gasses released through the valve which allow the gun to reset the firing process after each shot. The Tippman 98 and King-Man Spider are examples of this type.

Electronic Paintball Guns: What You Should Know

In these designs, the trigger is activated by using an electronic micro switch or magnetic sensor. This process is activated when a message to fire is sent to the circuit board by just pulling the trigger.

Since one can program the circuit board, it can be made to repeatedly fire by choosing any firing mode such as a three-round burst. These guns also make use of regulators to enable consistent firing. Planet eclipse ego, WDP angel and Proto matrix Rail are electronic paintballs.

Mechanical vs Electronic: Which Is Better?

Choosing better paintball guns relies on what the user wants in his/her paintball gun. Below are some helpful tips;

Electrical paintball guns are better if:

  • The buyer wants to go for an expensive product. This buyer has a high budget and doesn’t want to buy a mechanical paintball gun which is cheaper.
  • The aim is to buy light and small paintball guns. Electronic paintball guns are lighter and smaller due to having only the circuit board for firing and resetting shots. The user may get tired quicker from repeatedly shooting from heavy paintball guns.
  • The buyer wants a gun that requires a much lower pressure. The high pressure required by mechanical paintball guns doesn’t allow the gun to accumulate many shots per tank.
  • The best paintball guns are electronic if the user prefers an instrument that doesn’t go through many mechanisms before shooting paintballs. Electric paintball guns don’t have to physically activate the firing and resetting process, unlike mechanical paintball guns.

Generally, electrical paintball guns are preferable for been lighter, shot more consistently, and are accurate.

 Mechanical paintball guns are better if;

  • The user is looking for a gun that runs on gasses, either CO2 or compressed air, and is still user-friendly. Although mechanical paintball guns are manually set up, they are easy to use even without prior experience.
  • The user is being cautious and wants to buy a product that is not hard to maintain. Most electric paintball guns require expertise for servicing when faulty. This factor is a plus for mechanical guns.
  • Users need quick-to-get spare parts to the faulty paintball guns. Many of these mechanical paintball guns are made from different companies that make use of the same sizes and materials for production. Getting spare parts won’t be a tedious task.

How To Maintain Paintball guns

Making sure that your paintball gun is effective and lasts for a very long time has to do with proper maintenance. If guns are not properly cleaned and maintained, it may start to malfunction due to friction.

Maintenance will aid better gun performance and extended use time. Follow these six steps for proper cleaning and maintenance of your paintball guns:

·         Disengage the air tank from the gun

When cleaning your gun, you should do this first as you will be preventing any form of a disastrous accident which may be caused by an explosion.

·         Dismember the parts of the paintball

You should also make sure to separate the parts of the paintball and make sure to put them close together for adequate reassembling. For thorough cleaning, ensure to separate the barrel, grip frame, bolt, harmer, and hopper.

·         Thoroughly clean the barrel

This action is to ensure that the barrel is cleaned of paint residuals. This process is carried out by inserting the liquid duster to clean out the excess paintballs waste. Then use a paper towel to dry up the liquid excess.

·         Clean the dismembered parts of the gun

After cleaning the barrel and separating the gun parts, use a toothbrush soaked in warm water and scrub the grip, bolt, and harmer. Also, be sure that all corners of the gun are properly cleaned.

Any residue must be properly removed as it may cause friction when been used. Remember to dry the parts of the gun before putting them back together.

·         Search for any damages

For your safety when using the gun, you should ensure that none of the parts are faulty. Adequately fix and replace the damaged part, if you find one.  

One of the parts that get damaged easily is the O-rings. O-rings are used to seal the air/CO2. When they are faulty, it limits the performance of the gun and as a result, leaving the gamer to count his losses on the field.

·         Lubricate and reassemble the paintball gun

After fixing and ensuring that no part of the gun is faulty, the next thing to do is to lubricate the gun with oil. The only accepted oil for lubricating the gun is the paintball oil. Using another material may increase the chance of damaging the gun.

Having finalized the lubrication, proceed to rearrange the gun parts and have it ready for its next operation. Remember that the gun must be reassembled through the same process used in separating them.

Other Types Of Paintball Guns

Although mechanical and electric paintball guns are the commonest, they are not the only available paintball guns. Another type is the Pump paintball guns. The pump guns are the oldest form of paintball starters. The lightness and simplicity will be of help in training and competition guns.

It is manually operated and easy to use as all you have to do is to push and pull the pump handle each time you want to replace the paintball. This makes the gun to be efficient but on the other side slows down the rate of shots. Empire Sniper Pump Gun is a great example.

Below are the benefits of pump paintball guns:

  • A benefit of a pump paintball gun is its affordability. The gun makes use of fewer paintballs due to its slow fire rate. While electronic and mechanical guns can use more paintballs, pump use less of those. So, users of the pump need not worry about the cost of paintballs.
  • Pump paintball guns sharpen the skills of the player. Using it is not about firing numerous balls, it is about being careful, watchful and having accurate shots. This makes it all interesting as most players’ strategies and ponder more on teamwork but forgot shooting skills is as.
  • Pump guns are easy to use for starters and younger players. Getting used to the pace of the game is important. Shooting countless paintballs require different parts and mechanism, which will increase the weight of the gun. The feeling of playing with a lighter paintball gun makes the experience more enjoyable and also improves the user’s ability.