post1 - Watch Out for the First Issue of Five to Thrive Plan Magazine!

Watch Out for the First Issue of Five to Thrive Plan Magazine!

Five to Thrive Plan is proud and happy to announce about the upcoming launch of our monthly magazine. The publication, which will be available both in online and print formats, seeks to raise awareness of a wide variety of health issues and topics, as well as broaden the discussions about medical products, supplements, and discoveries that are geared towards improving public health.


This informative and insightful publication is meant to be read by anyone who values their health above all. We specifically cater to health care providers, members of the medical community, patients and their families, health buffs, and more.


Where to get copies

Our magazine will be available for free, both on the internet and offline. The print copies will be distributed in selected convenience stores and other key locations in Dahlonega, Georgia. In the long term, we will expand our distribution network to include other states in America.


Donations and grants from our partner groups that support our advocacy has made this possible, so we would like to thank them for believing in us and trusting us with this project to inform more people about their choices, solutions, and other things they need to know to improve their quality of life and prevent serious illnesses.


Our first magazine issue and theme

For our maiden issue, we will carry the theme “Recreational Travel: What does it Take to be a Healthy Traveler?” As it suggests, the first issue will reach out specifically to millennials living the YOLO (You Only Live Once) lifestyle. The young generation today loves to travel, take risks, experience adventures, and so much more. But are they keeping themselves safe and healthy? The Five to Thrive Plan magazine seeks to provide answers to this question.


Here is a snapshot of the featured stories to be included in our maiden issue:


  • Work Hard, Travel Harder—Without Risking Your Health


Love traveling for leisure? So that you can travel the world more, you need to live longer and be healthy. How can you do so? We asked 10 young and health-conscious travelers on what they do, what they use, and what they avoid to make sure they come home in one piece.


  • Do You Really Need Vaccinations When Traveling?


The Five to Thrive editorial team sat down with three experts to provide their thoughts on vaccinations for travelers. In this article, we attempt to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about travel vaccinations, such as where to avail of them for free, countries that require and do not require travel vaccinations, considerations before getting one, and the required vaccinations in top travel destinations.


  • My Journey as a Healthy Travel Blogger


Travel blogger, fitness coach, hiker, and health advocate Natasha Green writes about her experience since she started transforming her sedentary lifestyle into one that is active, healthy, and much better through various physical activities like hiking and diving. She also tells her story about how she pushes her passion for health and fitness through her travel blog.

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