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Benjamin Pakulski’s Workout Program REVEALED

Benjamin Pakulski is one of the world’s top elite bodybuilders. He is not only a world-class bodybuilder but also a health professional with a honors degree in kinesiology. With his 15 years plus of bodybuilding expertise and top achievements, he developed nutrition routines and specific training for natural bodybuilders.

The Benjamin Pakulski Workout Program referred to as MI40 (Mass Intentions 40) includes a complete guide to workout and nutrition program as well as videos of specific exercises. Unlike other bodybuilding programs, this program puts the accent on the whole body and emphasizes the importance of proper execution.

ben pak bodybuilder - Benjamin Pakulski's Workout Program REVEALED

Overview of Benjamin Pakulski Workout Program

The MI40 is a 40-day complete resistance training program that targets individuals intending to build their muscle mass. The package contains demonstration videos as well as complete nutrition and supplementation manuals. It is an intense program that requires high levels of tolerance. Each of the workout session lasts 40 minutes and the entire program has 40 workout sessions.

The MI40 resistance training focuses on 4 main aspects. The first one is the Neurological Overload Sets (NOS). This has been designed to generate the maximum possible overload on your muscles. The other three aspects are time under tension, the full range of motion, and increasing muscle “torque”. Each workout is more less a weight training session that contains 6 to 9 exercises. Most of the exercises contain four sets of 6 reps. The Neurological Overload Set is usually the last set for each of the exercises.

The program has a very good nutritional guide for the individuals intending to build their mass. The intake of proteins is between medium and high levels whereas the intake of fats and carbohydrates is not restricted. Large amounts of carbohydrates are mostly consumed around the workouts period.

You can even go a for a full meal plan that is based on the number of calories to make it easier to follow through.

For the supplementation program, the manual recommends basic supplements like whey protein, BCAAs, casein, creatine, vitamins, omega3, and minerals. These supplements have been tested over time and proved to be helpful in building muscles.


Is Benjamin Pakulski’s Workout Program Worth It?

The Benjamin Pakulski’s Workout as described by this MI40 review –  is one of the best programs you can get on the internet for purposes of bodybuilding. It combines a set of solid nutritional guide and awesome training to give you good results. When you purchase this package, you get a mass intelligence training manual for 40 days. The other things you get include a consumption training manual, instruction workout videos, exercise execution guide, printable workout sheets, mass pursuit calendar and a supplement stack protocol. There is also an audio file from Ben explaining tips that his clients have used to build muscles and strength.

There are many positives that come with this program. One such benefit is that the program gives you a solid nutrition program for muscle building. You also get an opportunity to enjoy the brilliant training techniques developed by Benjamin Pakulski himself.

The exercise videos are quite detailed and graphical with emphasis given even to the smallest of details. On top of that, there is a 60-day money back guarantee period which enables the users to return the product and get back their money if not satisfied. One thing to note though is that the intense nature of these techniques requires some years of experience to successfully use this program. The beginners will, therefore, have challenges doing the Benjamin Pakulski workout program.